About Us

MAR Management, we are simply different because we place each client and each project at the center of our experience, because of the passion for excellent service, for thinking and doing things differently, and because all properties are managed directly by us to guarantee the best service, quality and result over time.

Over 20 years of experience

We are a diversified company, we have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector, we cover all aspects of Property Management, Rental and Property Care, we want to help you increase the income of your vacation home and transform your business, offering an experience personalized and exclusive to our guests and owners.

MAR Management we work hard so that our footprint remains pleasantly in the minds of our clients and does not remains on the planet. We are aware and responsible with the environment and we want to contribute to the well-being of our environment by adopting measures that range from energy control in the accommodation, to daily work with suppliers, as well as to support and stimulate the economic activity of the area. We use approved materials, we use ecological products in all vacation rentals, thus improving environmental resources.

We make excellence our standard to offer the best services and experiences. For this we have a great expert and trustworthy team, and the collaboration of the best professionals in their areas, so that each experience exceeds all the expectations.